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Tuesday, February 07, 2006 

Top 5 Things About My Mind

I'm not so sure where this came from, in fact I was previously thinking about doing something related to Cartoons, but there you go.

1. It can find the humour in any situation
2. It's just twisted enough to be considered entertaining and mildly un-PC,
3. While being smart enough not to be thought of as an insensitive weirdo
4. It can stand up to the regular intoxicants I subject it to
5. It has perfect recall from my extensive Wank Bank

The mind is a wonderful thing, as is your imagination, but you're never sure if they're the same thing. I prefer to think of my mind as a huge database, with my imagination being the frontend stuck on so I can access my mind. To take that metaphor a little to far, I could call my imagination the monitor on which I watch the porn stored in my mind.

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