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Friday, March 10, 2006 

Top 5 Cocktail Shooters

Where I live there is quite a cool bar in town, it's normally quite busy but we try and get there quite often. It used to be a clothes shop, but has since turned into a bar and Internet Cafe (quite a weird combination). The clothes shop has also moved down the road a little bit. It's called the Evil Eye and has one of the best selections of drinks and hand made cocktails I know of. The only problem is that all the drinks are hand made, meaning that when it's very busy and theres a bunch of people all ordering a drink that takes 5 minutes to make, you may be waiting some time. Generally I buy about 2 drinks at once to save on time travelling to and from the bar.

Anyway, back to the extensive menu. It's always fun to mix your drinks when you go out and nothing does that better than mixing cocktails with a shot to chase it down with. It may be expensive, but you sure get drunk! Below is a list of (what I think) the top 5 shots served there are:

1. Vodka Espresso - Vodka, Kahlua, shaken with an iced shot of Espresso
2. Brain Haemorrhage - Peach Schnapps, Baileys, Grenadine
3. Liquid Cocaine - -19C Jagermeister & Limoncello
4. Flatliner - Tequila, Sambuca & Tabasco
5. The Hellshot - The worlds strongest Hapsburg Absinthe 89.9% & Balkan Vodka 88%

The first shot is quite nasty, I don't really like coffee, and don't drink a lot of caffeine, but I'm sure this would send you into some sort of fit and give you permanent ADD.

The second shot isn't supposed to give you a Brain Haemorrhage, it looks like a Brain Haemorrhage, and tastes like I imagine a Brain Haemorrhage may taste. The curded Baileys really isn't a good texture to swallow. One best left to the end of the night!

Liquid Cocaine is probably one of the bitterist shots you'll ever do. As it's so cold and Limoncello is really really lemony, it'll send a real good shiver through you when you have it.

The Flat Liner is nasty, the tabasco sits between the two clear spirits, creating the 'Flatline' effect. It's incredibly hot, although the Tabasco does kind of overpower everything else, which is probably a good thing. I was once dared to drink one and not drink anything else for 5 minutes, in order to get a free cocktail. I barely managed it, I had to down my free drink afterwards to cool off.

If you click on the link above you can have a look at the scanned version of the bars menu. All of the shots are real, even the Hellshot, although that has now officially been banned in York, by local authorities. The reason for this is that a guy was being bought them for his birthday and after quite a few (I have no idea how many) he collapsed and was taken to hospital. If he didn't die he had some quite severe and permanet aftereffects.

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