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Tuesday, February 28, 2006 

Top 5 LSN Races

Yeah, I had to post about this sooner or later. I play Laser Squad Nemesis so much it's ridiculous, it's my most played game of all time, and would be in any Top 5 of games I care to make, even something like, 'Games with most potential for Porn' or 'Games most likely to make you popular'. Wow, theres two future Top 5s right there...

Although I think this is the 8357 64m3 3v4r! (translate that if you can) it is horendously addictive, and while it is a game you have to pay for (not a lot) playing online is where it's at. You can even play it at work! I have been for over 2 years! So consider this an introduction:

1. Marines
2. Greys
3. Spawn
4. Machina
5. Laser Squids

The races have become gradually more balanced over the years, with the Spawn and the Greys being the newest races, delivered in that order. The game is still being developed, with new bits being tacked on whenever Julian Gollop (the creator of X-Com and UFO) can get around to it.

Oh yeah, and the Laser Squids aren't really a race

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