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Thursday, March 02, 2006 

Top 5 Childhood Memories

I find it quite hard to remember things back from when I really young. Maybe it was all a bit too traumatic for my mind to deal with these days. I know people who remember being babies, now that's just weird. My girlfriend, Viv, can remember her first house when she was 2, and loads of other stuff. I think my earliest memory is from being around 5 I think, but other than one or two, they're mostly from around 7 onwards. Heres a few:

1. My first BMX
2. Billy
3. Listening to Story Tapes in the car, on the drive to the campsite
4. Choking my sister
5. The Duck's Feet

Unfortunately my first BMX was no where near that cool. I think it was red, but the thing I remember most was the big plastic sign between the handlebars, with a huge number 7 on it. That was cool.

Billy was the name we gave our resident massive spider wherever we lived. My Dad wouldn't let us kill them, so they lived in the hall, as long as it stayed in a corner, we were all fine with it, except sticking your head out of your room in the morning to see if he'd drop on your head on the way to the toilet. And there was always a panic whenever one disappeared.

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