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Thursday, July 13, 2006 

Top 5 Stag Night Activities

Nowadays there are an incredible array of activities that a Stag can in indulge in before his wedding. Ranging from the classic lapdances, drink and drugs, all the way to bungee-jumping, weapons firing and spy training.

Stag Nights have moved on from the 90s, where getting laid on your 'last night of freedom' was the whole aim of the weekend. Today's husbands-to-be are more reserved and sophisticated, preferring life experiences and something beyond their normal lives. Below are my Top 5 activities for future Grooms:

1. Bobsleigh
2. Tank Driving
3. Getting very stoned in Amsterdam
4. Getting very very drunk anywhere
5. Having the craziest, wildest, dirtiest, kinkiest jungle fuck you can think of with two gorgeous Czech porn stars while two Swedish lesbians put on a show for you, simultaneously rubbing you in baby oil, a stripper dressed as a cheerleader rams a giant dildo up your ass, cheering you on, while a leather clad dominatrix pierces your nipples as a sexy Asian midget licks your balls*

If you have the money and organisational skills to pull that off then you pretty much have the right do whatever you want on your Stag Night. Bear in mind however, that your wife-to-be could be doing something similar, except with burly firefighters, huge African warriors and clowns on stilts juggling dildos.

*I tried to get donkey punching into this somewhere, but it just wouldn't fit!

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