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Monday, May 08, 2006 

Top 5 Comedy Songs - Jonathon Coulton

This guy is hilarious. He's also written some great songs. I would've linked directly to each MP3, but I think that's just a bit rude, so I've linked to the pages the songs are on, you can listen to them directly, no downloading required, just click the link. His songs are for sale, for $1 each, which isn't bad, as they're good songs. He also has all his songs available for preview and sale on his songs page.

1. Stroller Town
2. Christmas Song from an asteroid
3. We want to eat your brains
4. Curl
5. Code Monkey

My favourite is Code Monkey, as it could've been written about me and a lot of people I know. There's also also a song on his songs page called Skullcrusher Mountain, which is a slice of genius, truely a love song for the modern age. Give it a listen, it's worth it! The cover version of Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot (Not a real knight) is also very cool.

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