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Wednesday, May 10, 2006 

Top 5 Most politically incorrect games ever

I love being politically incorrect, it annoys so many people, but it's also just funny. Political correctness has, in most cases, gone mad. There's no need to rename a 'blackboard' to be a 'chalkboard', or a 'Shelf Stacker' to be a 'Stock Maintenance Engineer', or a 'Brainstorm' to a 'Thought shower'. People like to know what stuff is, not be bombarded with meaningless, pointless and 'non-offensive' alternatives.

However there are some cases where political correctness has been completely ignored, or subtley undermined. Here are my Top 5 examples of this from the world of video games:

1. Grand Theft Auto
2. Shadow the Hedgehog
3. Thrill Kill
4. Bully
5. Super Columbine Massacre RPG

Grand Theft Auto is a classic, promoting crime, violence and the importance of beating up bitches to get the money you paid them to sleep with you. I don't think there's one example of anything in those games being politically correct. And we love them for it.

Thrill Kill is the most politically incorrect game that never was. It wasn't banned, the games company simply refused to publish it, it was that bad. Featuring a Dominatrix-like French Maid, a Midget on stilts, a Mental case in a straight jacket, a red-neck cannibal and many other fun and friendly characters, it's an un-PC game for all the family.

Bully hasn't been released yet, but as it stars you as a Bully, beating up fellow pupils and teachers, as well as many other wholesome activities, I'm taking a guess this isn't going to go down too well amongst the parents of middle america.

Finally we have Super Columbine Massacre RPG. Um... Need I say more?

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