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Wednesday, July 26, 2006 

Top 5 Top Weekend Thoughts - II

I went to some friends' wedding over the weekend and it was a great day. I don't especially like weddings, I am a man after all, and as I'm taken I can't really enjoy looking at the nice young bridesmaids either. I'm not a religious person either and church weddings offend me, particularly when non-religious people get married in churches.

This wasn't the case on Saturday. The wedding was small, cheap, but still very nice. The service was in York Registry Office, a very nice building. Then the reception and evening party were at friends' houses. A wedding on a budget, I liked the idea!

Here are my Top 5 weekend thoughts:

1. Damn, it's hot
2. Even the scruffiest person looks good in a suit
3. Starcraft is as good as I remember it
4. Always ask for ID
5. Small Weddings are not a bad thing

Unless of course your missus is expecting something larger. When I mentioned that I wouldn't mind a smaller wedding, my fiancee shot me a look that would've made fully grown and battle hardened dragon riding barbarians cower in a corner with their hands over their testicles. Looks like I know what my life savings are going on. And when I say life savings I mean whatevers left of my £200 once I've insured the car.

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