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Monday, November 20, 2006 

Top 5 Tips for a New Mother

I caught on TV this morning the final debate on The Wright Stuff, which is a kind of chat/discussion show where they talk about various current topics. The final topic was 'tips for new mothers'. I vaguely heard a few of the comments, but at the end they had a summary of what they considered to be the top tips given, here they are:

1. Rest while you can
2. Eat well
3. Your not only a mum
4. Do kegel and other exercises
5. Think about contraception

The first 3 seem fair enough, and were actually tips given by older women, who have had their own kids. The fourth one I actually just made up, but makes sense if you ever want to have kids again or not be a single mother. I often get comments on my kind and supportive nature.

The final tip seems a bit redundant. It seems a trifle overdue to be telling a mother about contraception. I'm sure many mothers would've been happy to think about contraception nine months ago, had it been brought up, but the moment has passed now and the kid has already graced the world with it's presence. Unless of course you favour the 'pulling out' method, popular amongst unwed teenage mothers or the old faithful Catholic methods of contraception. In fact scrap the last one, if your Catholic you'll be happily married before you have any sex, so your babies will be raised in a loving and stable environment, so carry on you have no need for contraception.

Tip: Kegel exercises are good at any time, not just after giving birth *wink*

Catholics don't need contraception. Jesus will give them babies when he's good and ready.

Seems like he's good and ready quite a lot of the time, judging by the size of Mel Gibson's family at least.

I'm passing these tips along to my daughter, especially the one about birth control.

Of course, she didn't listen before. :)

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