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Wednesday, December 13, 2006 

Top 5 Things I hate about the new trains

I commute every weekday to work, which means I have to get the train, as there aren't enough car parking spaces at my work for me to park. I would gladly take longer to drive to work than have to get the train every day.

Recently the company that runs the trains I take decided to buy new trains. This should have been excellent, a new shiny and improved train service, faster, more comfortable and with air conditioning! Here's the top 5 things I hate about these new trains:

1. They sway, which makes standing up on them difficult.
2. They have massive double doors, reducing seat numbers and letting all the cold air in
3. They are slower than the old trains
4. I haven't figured where to stand yet to get next to the doors when the train stops
5. They have far fewer seats

I can live with all the other problems, but the lack of seats is ridiculous. You expect new trains to improve your commute, but now I have to stand all the way to work as there are less seats. Where's the logic in this? The person who designed these new trains is unlikely to have ever actually been on a train in his life, or he'd know what commuters want the most. How can they expect more people to use public transport when they can't support the people who use it already? And the real kicker is that my ticket is going up by £10 next month. Happy New Year!

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