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Tuesday, December 05, 2006 

Top 5 Ways to act like a Ninja

To celebrate Day of the Ninja we are all encouraged to act like a ninja for a day. We can't all actually BE ninjas for a day, as we haven't had a lifetimes worth of training and awesomeness implants, but for one day, we can ACT like ninjas, to make the world a little more deadly.

Here are a few things you can try to act like a ninja:

1. Make a ninja mask out of a t-shirt
2. Make a paper shuriken (Your only acting like a ninja remember)
3. Practice blending in with your environment
4. Research and find out 'What would a Ninja do?'
5. Try not to flip out and kill too many people

Personally I'll be wearing my mask and flinging stars all the way home from work, and if I see any police I'll blend into the background. Probably by taking the mask off and walking into a bar, ninjas are smart like that. You can't be too careful running around in a mask these days, I might be mistaken for a terrorist or something, and unlike real ninjas, I can be killed by conventional weapons, and severely injured by police beatings.

My son drove me nuts yesterday, trying to stay out of sight behind me. I don't think he knows he was celebrating early. :)

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