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Thursday, August 03, 2006 

Top 5 Great Nintendo Merchandise

You may have noticed an obscene amount of merchandise around for pretty much every major cartoon character, or product. One of the worst perpetrators of this is Nintendo, whether they know about it or not. Mario is perhaps the most recognisable face in the world, possibly only second to Mickey Mouse or Homer Simpson. So companies plaster him across anything in order to get it to sell.

Here's my Top 5 examples of Nintendo merchandise, if they are real or not:

1. Sweets
2. Baked Goods
3. A truly Awful Movie
4. Antivirus Software
5. 'Bedroom' outfits

That's right, Mario and Daisy dress up sex costumes. Who would buy something like that? How could it be sexy? "Oh yeah Mario, I love your moustache, slide down my pipe" "Oh Princess, time for my reward after rescuing you from that evil Bowser" "Take me Mario! Eat that mushroom so you grow bigger" "I keep hitting my head on these question mark blocks..." "Ride me like Yoshi!". Actually, I'm getting turned on...

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