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Thursday, January 11, 2007 

Top 5 Reasons the Wench is growing Horns

This isn't some weird thing I'm just deciding to write about, the Wench is actually growing proper Horns. From her head! I'd provide photographic proof but she won't let me near her, especially as she's going through her blossoming, adolescent phase. Maybe when they're fully grown I can get her to show them off and get a picture.

In the meantime I can only guess as to why she's suddenly sprouting horns. Here are my Top 5 guesses:

1. She's really a faun, her legs will start to change once the horns stop growing.
2. A witch has cast a spell on her, cursing her for some insult.
3. She ate some magic/radioactive substance which is giving her superpowers.
4. The horns are a physical representation of her inherent evilness.
5. She's the daughter of the devil, transforming into her final form as her father's time draws near.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see how big they get, it might help narrow down my options. They could be useful, like for driving off criminals in a dangerous situation. I think I could learn to live with them, provided I don't have to trim them for her. Of course they could just be two large symmetrical spots on either side of her forehead, which happened to cast large shadows on her skin under the spotlights in our kitchen, but I think she just wants me to think that.

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